Maribor, Slovenia, presents students with a host of part-time work and internship opportunities. While the specifics of job availability can vary, a robust framework supports students in securing work that complements their studies.

Student Work Permits in Slovenia:
For international students from non-EU countries, a work permit is necessary to secure part-time employment. However, the process for obtaining this permit is often straightforward, and universities usually provide assistance.

Variety of Part-Time Jobs:
A wide variety of part-time jobs are available to students in Maribor, ranging from roles in hospitality and retail to positions more closely related to their fields of study. Universities also offer on-campus employment opportunities, including research assistant positions, teaching assistant roles, and jobs within university facilities. 

Internships in Maribor:
Internships offer students valuable practical experience in their field of study. Many study programs in Slovenia incorporate internships as part of their curriculum. Additionally, some companies offer paid internships, providing a financial boost to support your studies.

Job Portals and Services:
Numerous job portals and services can aid students in finding employment in Slovenia. Universities often maintain job portals specifically for their students, making the job search more streamlined. Študentski servis offers students a variety of student jobs. 

Remember, balancing work and study can be a challenge, so effective time management is critical. Ensure you stay within the legal limits of your student visa regarding work hours.