Despite being smaller than Ljubljana, Maribor is renowned for its lively nightlife scene, especially concentrated in the city center and the Lent District. Nestled along the Drava River, Lent is the city’s oldest part and is dotted with a variety of bars, clubs, and entertainment venues to suit diverse preferences.

  • Niagara: This popular bar on Lent often host live music performances. It’s an ideal spot to unwind with good music in a welcoming environment. You can also get shisha. 
  • Klub Podroom: A club near the Drava river famous for Balkan music and good vibes. 
  • Dvorana Gustaf: As part of the Pekarna, a cultural and artistic complex, Dvorana Gustaf stands out as one of Maribor’s leading clubs for alternative music and performances.
  • Klub MC Pekarna: A bustling venue hosting live music, DJs, and cultural events, it shares the Pekarna complex with Dvorana Gustaf.
  • KGB: An acronym for “Klub Gospodje Bertok,” KGB is a cozy cocktail bar offering a wide array of drinks in an intimate setting.
  • Rooster Pub: A go-to destination for watching sports events, playing pool, or simply enjoying a drink with friends in a relaxed setting.
  • Isabella: The best place to drink Bevog with your friends. A pub on poštna ulica. 
  • Poštna ulica: Is one of the most popular and lively summer destinations in Maribor , where the owners of the bars decided to set up a stage with a musical program from May to October. The street is very lively on warmer days and evenings

Besides these nightlife spots, Maribor, famed for its winemaking tradition, is home to numerous wine bars and cellars. Savoring the local wines promises to be an enriching experience.

Three friends enjoying beer and shisha in Niagara club