Maribor’s Old Vine (Stara Trta), celebrated as the oldest living vine globally at an astounding age of over 400 years, is an embodiment of the city’s resilience. Symbolizing Maribor, this vine has stood the test of time, weathering centuries of historical upheavals and disasters. Its survival can be attributed to a multitude of factors:

  • Dedicated Care and Conservation: Generations of vine tenders and the city itself have lavished the Old Vine with meticulous care and conservation. The city takes immense pride in its iconic vine, enlisting the expertise of professional vinedressers to oversee its upkeep throughout the years.
  • Resilience of the Variety: The Old Vine is a specimen of the Zametovka or Modra Kavčina variety, reputed for its resilience and longevity. This robust characteristic has undeniably been a contributing factor to the vine’s survival over the centuries.
  • Withstanding Disasters: The vine has endured numerous disasters, ranging from invasions and wars to pest infestations and fires. Remarkably, it survived the extensive bombing of Maribor during World War II, which left much of the city in ruins. The vine’s survival is often credited to its inherent resilience, its strategic location against a protective wall, and a touch of sheer luck.
  • Cultural Importance: The Old Vine’s cultural significance is deeply rooted in Maribor’s identity. This symbolic value has fueled efforts to protect and preserve the vine, making it the centerpiece of many local traditions and celebrations, such as the annual grape harvest ceremony.
  • Legal Safeguards: The Republic of Slovenia has declared the Old Vine and the Old Vine House as a cultural monument of national importance, offering them legal protection and bolstering efforts to preserve and maintain them.

The Old Vine symbolizes more than just a plant – it represents a living snippet of history and a testament to Maribor’s wine tradition and cultural heritage. Its remarkable survival reflects the city’s enduring spirit and the resilience of its people.