Dominance of Christianity: Christianity, and in particular Roman Catholicism, was the dominant religion during the medieval period in Maribor. The city was part of the Holy Roman Empire, where Catholicism held significant sway. The Church played a crucial role in Maribor’s development, influencing its education, politics, and social structures.

Reformation: In the 16th century, the Protestant Reformation significantly impacted Maribor, challenging the Catholic Church’s religious and political dominance. This movement led to the Western Church’s split into Protestantism and what is now recognized as the Roman Catholic Church. The Reformation marked the end of the Middle Ages and ushered in the early modern period across Europe.

Religious Institutions: Numerous religious institutions, such as churches and monasteries, held prominence in Maribor during the Middle Ages. These establishments served as centers for religious, educational, and social activities, playing a pivotal role in the city’s development and shaping its cultural and religious fabric.

Jewish Community: The Jewish community also played a notable role in Maribor’s religious dynamics. Engaged primarily in trade and money lending, they significantly contributed to Maribor’s economic vitality. However, during periods of plague, they faced persecution driven by unfounded rumors blaming them for spreading the disease.

Basilica of Our Mother of Mercy