When it comes to dental care in Maribor, Slovenia, the quality is high but the public health insurance only partially covers the services. As of a 2019 report, Slovenia’s public healthcare network included 1,311 dentists, with a significant number based in Maribor.

Here’s what you need to know about the dental care standards in Maribor:

  • Access to Care: The main hurdle to accessing dental care in Slovenia, including Maribor, is long waiting periods. 2.9% of the population reportedly have unmet dental care needs due to these delays. Financial reasons account for 0.9% of unmet dental care needs.
  • Insurance Coverage: While the compulsory health insurance covers a portion of prosthetic services, significant costs are absorbed by supplementary health insurance. There can also be additional charges for non-standard materials and services not covered by the compulsory health insurance.
  • Education: In terms of training, dental education is robust in Slovenia. Alongside the Dental Medicine program at the University of Ljubljana, the University of Maribor initiated a program for dental students in the 2019/2020 academic year.
  • Private Practice: Due to long waiting times, many people opt to pay for private dental services. Around 18% of all dentists operate exclusively through direct payment or private supplementary insurance schemes.
  • National Strategy: The Slovenian Dental Association (SDA) is working towards the adoption of a new National Strategy for Better Oral Health 2020–2029. The strategy, endorsed by the Ministry of Health, seeks to enhance accessibility to dental services and regulate the number of dentists and dental programs to match population needs and funding capacities.

This article is based on 2019 data, and the current circumstances may have changed. For the most recent and accurate information, it’s advised to contact healthcare providers or the relevant authorities in Maribor directly.