Safety Situation and Student Safety Resources in Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor, like the majority of Slovenian cities, is known for its safety, offering a secure environment for its residents, visitors, and, importantly, its student population. Numbeo’s data provides insights into the city’s safety:

Crime and Safety Index:
Maribor boasts a low crime index at 21.96, indicative of its lower crime levels relative to other cities. Its safety index is high at 78.04, suggesting a safer environment overall.

Specific Crime Rates:
The city experiences very low levels of crime (13.35), and crime rates have seen moderate increases over the past three years (46.24). Concerns about home break-ins, thefts, muggings, or robberies are low (21.74 and 9.57, respectively).

Safety When Walking Alone:
Walking alone during daylight hours in Maribor is deemed very safe (89.84), and even at night, it’s still considered safe (72.60).

The only moderate concern is corruption and bribery, rated at 59.55.

These figures are derived from visitor perceptions recorded over the last three years. Like in any city, awareness of your surroundings and adherence to basic safety precautions are advised.

University Safety Resources:
Most universities offer safety protocols and resources, including campus security. Familiarizing yourself with local laws, customs, emergency services, and the location of your home country’s embassy or consulate is also recommended.

Remember that these figures represent general trends and individual experiences can vary. Contact your university’s student services department for more specific safety information and resources.