The Maribor Theatre Festival Lent promises a rich spectrum of performances and events that cater to all ages and interests. From music concerts to film screenings, here are the types of experiences you can anticipate at this multifaceted festival:

  • Music Concerts: Get ready to immerse yourself in diverse musical genres at the festival. From jazz, classical, world music, singer-songwriter concerts, chanson to ethno music concerts, there’s something for every music lover. Over the years, music giants like B.B. King, James Brown, Ray Charles, and Stephane Grapelli, as well as many internationally acclaimed artists, have graced the festival stages.
  • Theatre and Dance: Witness a gamut of theatre and dance performances, spanning from traditional to contemporary styles, that demonstrate the talent and creativity of both local and global performers.
  • Opera and Ballet: Experience the grace and beauty of opera and ballet performances that highlight the artistic prowess of local and international artists.
  • Folklore Evenings: Step into the world of traditional music, dance, and culture from Slovenia and around the globe during the Folklore Evenings.
  • Street Theatre: As a part of the Ana Desetnica street theatre festival, you can enjoy performances occurring on the lively streets of Maribor.
  • Film Screenings: The festival presents a selection of both local and international films, offering a cinematic journey to attendees.
  • Sports Activities: Stay active and engaged with a variety of sports activities and events the festival provides.
  • Children’s Activities: Ensuring a family-friendly environment, the festival includes an array of events specifically designed for children.
  • Art Camp Festival of Creativity: Celebrate creativity in myriad forms at this segment of the festival.
  • StandUpLent Festival: Laugh out loud with stand-up comedy performances at this festival-within-a-festival.

The festival’s lineup and schedule can vary yearly, so for the most accurate information, it’s recommended to check the festival’s official website or reach out to the organizers directly.