Maribor, a small city of around 150,000 inhabitants, boasts a unique blend of culture, social activities, and student life. Despite its size, Maribor offers everything from ample travel opportunities to verdant recreational spaces.

Student-Centric Lifestyle:
Maribor’s student life is dynamic, featuring a close-knit community. The city accommodates around 500 international students each semester, fostering a vibrant, diverse environment. Thanks to the efficient ESN team, students can participate in exciting events. Plus, the city’s compact layout and affordable accommodations add to the appeal.

Food and Gastronomy:
Maribor’s gastronomy reflects an enticing mix of Austrian, Italian, Hungarian, and Balkan cuisines. The city provides a subsidized food system for students, offering cheaper meals through a mobile app at most local restaurants. Students can avail 2 coupons per day, with prices ranging from 0,00 – 4,00€ for a full meal.

Attractions and Places to Visit:
Maribor houses several notable attractions like the Pohorje ski resort, the world’s oldest vine tree, and a charming old town with a castle. Strolls along the Drava river are also a delight.

Vibrant Nightlife:
Maribor’s nightlife features diverse music clubs, including student clubs in the campus area. For fans of alternative music, venues such as “Satchmo”, “Kgb”, and “Pekarna” offer unique experiences.

In summary, Maribor offers a calm, connected, and unforgettable student life experience. Future students are encouraged to explore the local culture, form bonds with the locals, and relish every moment of their stay.