Yes, there are English-speaking doctors and dentists available in Maribor, Slovenia. The U.S. Embassy in Slovenia maintains a list of English-speaking medical professionals, including doctors and dentists, as well as pharmacies. Here are some details:

In Maribor, Dr. Alojzij Kolenc is a Urologist at the General Hospital. You can reach him at 041-412-270 or via email at

For dental services, we recommend several dentists. Some of them are:

  • Dentalix d.o.o., website, Loška ulica 10, 2000 Maribor, 068 180 756 
  • Babit Dental, Kolezijska ulica 25a, Tel: 01 283 61 70
  • Jurij ZARGI, Periceva 31, Phone: (01) 436 30 79, Cell: 041/ 667 254, Website:
  • Nives BERGMAN, Uraničeva 4a, tel. 01-507-6601
  • Zoran DANILOVSKI, Dunajska cesta 129, Ljubljana, tel 059

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