The Maribor Theatre Festival Lent is a vibrant and diverse event that offers a wide range of performances and experiences. Here are some details about the festival:

  • The festival is deeply ingrained in the cultural identity of Maribor and transforms the city into a lively and colorful hub of music, dance, theater, comedy, and creative experiences.
  • The festival features several independent festivals within itself, including the international folklore festival Folkart, JazzLent and Jazz podium, a street theater festival Ana desetnica, a festival of creativity and curiosity Art camp, and StandUpLent, an international festival of stand-up comedy.
  • The festival offers numerous events on squares, streets, courtyards, in the city park, and other cultural venues in the city core.
  • The festival encourages the coexistence of the local population and festival guests through active involvement in numerous program events. There are opportunities for local artists to meet and interact with the audience.
  • The festival also features a program by the Hiša association that allows visitors to meet some of the Maribor yards. Local artistic and cultural collective GT22 also offers afternoon chats with their actors.
  • The festival’s Main Stage hosts a variety of performances, including rock concerts, classical music concerts, and jazz rhythms. There are also performances by popular artists and bands.
  • The Folkart festival, which is part of the Lent Festival, is one of the best-organized and highest-quality folklore festivals in the world. It offers performances by folklore groups from around the world.

For more specific information about participation as a local artist or performer, it would be best to contact the festival organizers directly or check their official website for any open calls or application processes.