Maribor’s Mestni Park, also recognized as City Park, is a sprawling green oasis within the urban landscape. Covering over 5 hectares, this verdant sanctuary showcases a diverse array of flora and fauna.

The park’s plant life is characterized by an assortment of trees, including majestic horse chestnuts, lindens, maples, ash trees, and an array of conifers. Additionally, it’s home to a beautifully manicured rose garden, a vibrant rhododendron park, and a serene three-pond water park adorned with water lilies and other aquatic plants.

On the fauna front, Mestni Park is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Early morning or late afternoon visits often reward with sightings of various bird species, such as sparrows, blackbirds, woodpeckers, and a range of waterfowl near the ponds.

Additionally, the park houses an aquarium and terrarium, offering up-close encounters with exotic fish, amphibians, and reptiles. For those interested in larger fauna, the park’s deer park hosts a herd of fallow deer.

The precise species you encounter may vary based on the time of year and other environmental factors. However, Maribor’s City Park consistently offers nature enthusiasts an expansive biodiversity to explore and enjoy amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

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