The official language in Maribor and throughout Slovenia is Slovenian, a member of the South Slavic language group, which could be challenging for those unfamiliar with Slavic languages. However, Maribor is a multicultural and multilingual city, where many locals speak languages other than Slovenian.

English is extensively spoken, particularly among the younger generation and within the tourism and hospitality sectors. Many restaurants, hotels, and shops employ staff who are fluent in English. Moreover, informational signage is often bilingual, ensuring English-speaking visitors will have no trouble navigating the city.

Although English suffices for most interactions, learning a few basic Slovenian phrases can enrich your experience. Locals appreciate it when visitors attempt to communicate in their language. Greetings like “Dober dan” (Good day) or “Hvala” (Thank you) can warm interactions and help form connections.

Owing to Slovenia’s location in Europe, many Slovenians also communicate in German, Italian, Hungarian, and Croatian.