Discover the thrill of skiing on the breathtaking slopes of Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort, Slovenia’s most extensive winter sports destination. Renowned for its extensive night skiing options that extend over 10 kilometers and remain open until 9 pm, the Maribor Pohorje delivers a unique skiing adventure under the stars.

Situated on the slopes of Mount Pohorje, an enticing extension of the Alps, the ski trails commence at an altitude of 1,327 meters and descend to a base altitude of 325 meters. This dramatic elevation drop of 1,000 meters guarantees kilometer-length ski trails that provide an exhilarating experience to glide down.

The Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort is divided into two centers: Bolfenk and Areh. Bolfenk, being the older segment, boasts a charming traditional ambiance, while Areh brings a touch of modernity to your skiing experience. Both centers come with ample parking and are conveniently accessible via local public transport, with an additional bus transfer option linking the two centers.

Ski enthusiasts can explore 41.5 km of diverse ski slopes at Maribor Pohorje, each color-coded based on the level of difficulty. The blue slopes, spanning 23.5 km, are designed with beginners in mind. In contrast, the red slopes, which encompass 13 km, offer a bit more of a challenge, typically presenting narrower or steeper terrains. For professional skiers seeking the ultimate thrill, the black slopes, covering 5 km, pose a formidable challenge with their steep, narrow passages.

Maribor Pohorje isn’t just a skiing destination; it’s also a venue for prestigious ski competitions like the Golden Fox – FIS Ski Cup, an event specifically crafted for female skiers.

A person skiing down the hill