In Maribor and throughout Slovenia, credit cards, particularly major ones like Visa, MasterCard, and often American Express, are accepted in most places. These include restaurants, hotels, larger stores, and tourist sites in Maribor. However, carrying some cash is advisable, as smaller businesses, local markets, or rural locations may not accept cards. Also, they might have a minimum amount required for card usage. Public transport and small cafes might operate on a cash-only basis.

Fortunately, ATMs are conveniently located around Maribor for cash withdrawals. Be mindful of potential fees from your bank for foreign transactions and any charges by the ATM.

Avoid unfavorable exchange rates offered by card processors by opting to be charged in the local currency, which is the Euro in Slovenia, instead of your home currency. Prior to your travel, inform your bank to prevent them from flagging your overseas transactions as suspicious, which could lead to your account being frozen.