The Witcher” series, crafted by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is a fantastical creation that incorporates a diverse range of European history, myth, and folklore. It’s crucial to understand that despite the series including place names resembling or identical to real-world locations, the world of The Witcher is entirely fictional and doesn’t correspond directly to our own reality.

While Maribor is referenced in The Witcher universe, its depiction within the series is not extensively elaborated. Triss Merigold, a central character, is cited as hailing from Maribor, but beyond this, the series does not provide many detailed specifics about the city.

Though fans might enjoy hypothesizing about possible connections and identifying aspects of Maribor’s rich history, culture, and landscape that echo within The Witcher universe, such connections are better understood as fan theories or conjecture rather than historical fact or authorial intent.

In The Witcher series, the city of Maribor resides within the kingdom of Temeria, which encapsulates a mixture of various European cultural and historical components. It’s possible that Maribor might mirror facets of medieval European cities, such as architectural styles, societal structures, and historical incidents. However, such interpretations are speculative at best, and it’s more probable that The Witcher’s Maribor is a manifestation of Sapkowski’s imaginative world-building.

For the most accurate information, it’s recommended to consult Sapkowski’s original books, delve into the game lore, or refer to direct statements from the creators. To date, no direct correlation between the real-world city of Maribor and its Witcher counterpart has been confirmed.

But here is how we might imagine Maribor city in a Witcher universe