Boat tours along the Drava River are not only possible but are a fantastic way to explore Maribor from a unique perspective.

Traditional wooden rafts, motorboats, or larger passenger ships often glide down the Drava River, depending on the tour operator. During these river cruises, passengers can admire the picturesque landscape, observe the cityscape from the water, and learn about the crucial role the Drava River played in Maribor’s growth.

Several types of boat tours are available:

  • Sightseeing Cruises: Usually lasting an hour or two, these shorter cruises feature a guide offering insightful commentary about the river and the encircling city.
  • Lunch/Dinner Cruises: These extended cruises offer a chance to savor a meal while taking in the breathtaking views. The menu often highlights local Slovenian dishes.
  • Event Cruises: Scheduled around holidays, festivals, or special occasions, these unique cruises may showcase live music, dancing, and other entertainment forms.

A popular provider is Lent – Maribor Water Sports Centre, which offers a range of boat tours and aquatic activities.

The last traditional wooden raft in Maribor 1964