One of the most poignant reminders of the Plague’s impact on Maribor is the Plague Column, also known as the Holy Trinity Column. Erected in 1743, this monument serves as a testament to the hardships endured by Maribor’s populace during the devastating plague of 1680.

This monument, counted among Slovenia’s most significant Baroque landmarks, was built in gratitude for the cessation of the plague that decimated Maribor’s population. Adorned with statues of the Virgin Mary, Saint Roch, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Rosalia, the Plague Column stands as a symbol of protection against such calamities.

For detailed personal narratives of the Plague era, resources can be found in local archives, libraries, or museums in Maribor. Moreover, historians who specialize in this period and region might have conducted comprehensive research, shedding light on the experiences of Maribor’s inhabitants during the Plague.