The University of Maribor, the second-largest and second-oldest university in Slovenia, fosters a vibrant academic culture across its 17 faculties offering undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. Not confined to the city of Maribor, the university branches out to other parts of Slovenia, serving as a regional development catalyst.

Student and Staff Mobility:
The University of Maribor promotes student and staff mobility, encouraging active participation in international associations, networks, and projects. This global outlook enriches the academic experience, offering broad perspectives and diverse learning opportunities.

Promoting Slovenian Identity:
The university holds a high regard for the Slovenian language, national identity, heritage, and culture. It actively works towards promoting and protecting these elements, thereby rooting its academic ethos in Slovenian tradition.

The University of Maribor aims to foster partnerships with businesses, governmental and non-governmental institutions, and other societal organizations. This collaborative approach serves to enrich university teaching, research, and creative activity, offering practical and contemporary insights to students.