Despite its size, Maribor boasts a warm and welcoming community that makes meeting new people and networking a breeze. This is particularly true if you’re a digital nomad seeking to connect with like-minded folks. Here’s how you can forge new connections in Maribor:

  • Shared Workspaces: Co-working spaces are more than just a place to catch up on work—they’re a networking goldmine. Rub shoulders with other digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a shared workspace. Keep an eye out for social and networking events these places often organize.
  • Join the Party: Maribor is known for its vibrant local events and festivals. They provide the perfect opportunity to mingle with locals and fellow travelers. Be sure to check out local listings for events taking place during your stay.
  • Meetups: Platforms like are your ticket to finding local gatherings that align with your interests.
  • Cafe Culture and Bars: Maribor’s thriving café culture and buzzing bars are the perfect spots for casual, laid-back networking.
  • Online Communities: Keep an eye out for Maribor or Slovenia-specific digital nomad groups on social platforms like Facebook. They’re a great way to connect with other digital nomads in the area.
  • Language Exchange Groups: If you’re eager to learn Slovenian or brush up on another language, language exchange groups are your best bet. They offer a fun and engaging way to connect with locals and fellow travelers.

Remember, networking isn’t always about making a conscious effort. Sometimes, the best connections happen when you least expect it. Keep an open mind, be approachable, and show genuine interest in others, and you’ll find yourself forming meaningful connections in Slovenia.