Maribor, a city with a storied past, is home to numerous historic landmarks and monuments that date back to the Ottoman sieges. Here are some must-visit sites that highlight this tumultuous period in the city’s history.

Maribor Castle: Constructed in the 15th century by Emperor Frederick III, this castle was pivotal in bolstering Maribor’s defenses against Ottoman invasions. Currently, the castle is home to the Maribor Regional Museum, offering glimpses into the city’s fascinating past.

Maribor Cathedral (Church of St John the Baptist): This 12th-century cathedral underwent significant fortifications in the 15th century due to the imminent threat of Ottoman sieges, standing as a testament to the city’s resilience.

Plague Column: Although not directly related to the Ottoman sieges, the Plague Column, erected in the 18th century, symbolizes gratitude for the end of a devastating plague in Maribor. Such plagues were a frequent calamity during the turbulent times of the Ottoman sieges.

City Walls: Parts of Maribor’s city walls, built as a protection against the Ottoman invasions, still stand today, serving as a tangible reminder of the city’s turbulent past.

Water Tower and Judgement Tower: Integral to Maribor’s city walls, these structures served as watchtowers and defensive points during the Ottoman sieges.

Water tower from the distance
Maribor Castle