The Maribor Theatre Festival Lent offers a plethora of performances and events, some of which have become iconic to the festival’s charm. Here are the most popular and unique attractions:

  • Folkart: Recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious folklore events, Folkart is a part of Festival Lent and has earned the CIOFF® UNESCO label. Witness folklore groups from around the globe as they bring their traditional music, dance, and culture to Slovenia.
  • JazzLent: Jazz enthusiasts shouldn’t miss JazzLent, a celebrated international jazz music festival that features local and international jazz artists. It’s considered a crowd favorite at Festival Lent.
  • Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival: This festival-within-a-festival livens up Maribor’s streets with varied street theatre performances, from puppet shows to acrobatics, enjoyed by both locals and visitors.
  • Art Camp: Art Camp is a unique festival of creativity within Festival Lent. Explore workshops, exhibitions, and performances that celebrate the diversity and richness of creative expression.
  • StandUpLent: If you love comedy, don’t miss StandUpLent. This dedicated stand-up comedy event hosts both local and international comedians, promising laughter-filled evenings.
  • Night Concerts: One of the unique attractions of Festival Lent are the open-air night concerts. With a range of music genres on offer, these concerts add a special charm to the festival nights.
  • Fireworks: The festival traditionally culminates in a spectacular fireworks display over the Drava River – a grand finale that leaves a lasting impression on all attendees.

Please keep in mind that the lineup and schedule of performances and events can vary each year. Always check the festival’s official website or contact the festival organizers for the most accurate, up-to-date information.