In Maribor, there are several housing options available for students:

For students studying in Maribor, Slovenia, numerous accommodation options are available, ranging from university dormitories to private flats:

University Dormitories:
Maribor’s official university dormitories provide an economical option, with shared rooms costing about €90 monthly. Dormitory apartments feature a shared bathroom and kitchen, typically used by six people. A more luxurious option is the Quadro campus (Gorkega), with shared room rents at approximately €140 monthly.

Private Flats:
Numerous landlords in this university city offer room rentals. Choices include single or shared rooms, with shared rooms being more common. Shared room rents are typically €100-€120 per month, while single rooms may cost between €150-€250.

Mini Dorms:
Maribor also has mini dorms, smaller dormitories located in the city center. These offer shared or single room options, with prices averaging €150 for a shared room and €200-€280 for a single room in a double. These dorms also include shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Please remember that availability and prices of these accommodation options may vary. For the most accurate and current information, students are advised to contact the university’s accommodation office or housing services.