Looking for the perfect coworking spot or café in Maribor to plug in and get to work? Here are some top-rated spaces known for their welcoming environment and reliable Wi-Fi:

Coworking Spaces:

Firstly, check out KID KIBLA. As a creative multimedia center nestled in the heart of the city, KIBLA offers coworking spaces primed for innovation and collaboration.

Another great option is Tovarna Podjemov. Situated at the University of Maribor’s venture factory, this entrepreneurship hub is a beacon for academic minds and innovative thinkers. It’s perfect for those who thrive in intellectual environments.

Lastly, consider SAOP. Despite being a software company, they’re known to rent out desk spaces. Get in touch with them to check the availability—you might find it’s the professional setting you’ve been looking for.

Cafés with Reliable Wi-Fi:

Café Literat is a popular choice among students and remote workers. Located near the Maribor University Library, it’s well-loved for its cozy vibe, delicious coffee, and dependable Wi-Fi.

Then, there’s Kavarna Satchmo. Loved by locals, this café offers a friendly atmosphere to match their great coffee. With free Wi-Fi on the menu, it’s a wonderful spot to settle in for work.

Finally, Fudo offers more than just delicious bistro fare—it’s also a great environment for work. Positioned in the city center, Fudo boasts free Wi-Fi and a prime location.

Please remember, coworking spaces might need a prior booking. Cafés can also get busy during peak hours, so planning your work schedule to avoid crowds is wise. And while Wi-Fi in these spots is typically reliable, having a backup data plan never hurts.