Maribor, a city steeped in rich history, hosts several landmarks that memorialize significant events like the witch hunts and the plague:

The Plague Column: Standing in Maribor’s main square, Glavni trg, the Plague Column, also known as the Holy Trinity Column, was erected in gratitude following the devastating plague of 1680. Adorned with statues of saints like the Virgin Mary, Saint Roch, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Rosalia, the column symbolizes protection against such calamities.

Miklova Hiša Gallery in Ribnica: Situated in Ribnica, this gallery hosts an enduring exhibition on witch trials across Slovenia, including Maribor. The exhibit educates visitors on this gloomy chapter of Slovenia’s past.

Maribor Castle: Nestled at the heart of Maribor, this castle is home to the Maribor Regional Museum. While the museum exhibits a wide array of local history, it may house exhibits touching upon the eras of witch trials and the plague.

Old Vine House: Symbolizing Maribor’s resilience, the Old Vine House isn’t directly linked to the witch hunts or the plague. Nevertheless, it’s home to the world’s oldest vine, a silent witness to over 400 years of Maribor’s history, inclusive of the witch hunts and plague periods.

Maribor Castle