In The Witcher series, Triss Merigold is cited as being from Maribor, but this is essentially the sum total of the information given. No specific locations or incidents within the city are directly associated with her character in the series or games.

Within the universe of The Witcher, Maribor is situated within the kingdom of Temeria. The city gets mentioned occasionally, but it is not a central setting in either the games or the books. The narratives concentrate more on Triss’s relationships with Geralt of Rivia and other characters, as well as her involvement in politics and war as a sorceress.

In the real world, Maribor, located in Slovenia, doesn’t possess any specific sites related to Triss Merigold or The Witcher series. As previously stated, while The Witcher’s world employs some real-world place names, it is a work of fiction and doesn’t map directly onto actual locations.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of the series, visiting Maribor could be an exciting experience. Given the city’s rich history, beautiful landscapes that sometimes evoke a medieval vibe, and architectural sites, you might find aspects reminiscent of the universe depicted in The Witcher series. However, keep in mind that any direct links between the real Maribor and the fictional one are purely speculative and non-canon.