The Old Vine House in Maribor holds a unique position in the world of viticulture, housing the world’s oldest surviving grapevine, a feat officially recognized by the Guinness World Records. This resilient vine, exceeding 400 years old, has weathered centuries marked by wars, invasions, and political upheavals, and remarkably, continues to bear fruit.

Known as Stara Trta in Slovenian, the Old Vine is of the Zametovka variety, indigenous to Slovenia. Despite its limited annual yield, the vine’s grapes contribute to the production of wine – a quantity of 25 to 75 bottles. This precious wine isn’t available for purchase but is esteemed as a national treasure, frequently presented as a unique gift to dignitaries and eminent guests visiting the city or country.

Situated in Maribor’s Lent district on the banks of the Drava River, the Old Vine House is now a museum dedicated to viticulture. It stands as a testament to Maribor’s rich wine culture and history. Besides being a key tourist attraction, the Old Vine House also hosts numerous cultural events, further enhancing its significance.

In essence, the Old Vine House epitomizes the spirit of Maribor and its inhabitants – resilient, enduring, firmly rooted in their history, yet continually fruitful and forward-looking.